What We do


Empowerment of the poor is necessary for the growth of the poor. Without empowering the below-poverty people not everyone would be able to contribute to the economic gains of the nation. Empowerment leads to good and better access to resources and participation in the development of a nation. Empowerment will lead to increasing the freedom of choice and action resulting in shaping the lives of the poor. Also giving   them  the power of making decisions. It was also led to the eradication of poverty completely, social and employment integration, full employment, and providing work for all.

Worthpurpose Foundation contributes towards the betterment of the Society with a focus to help needy peoples to earn their livelihood, making life easier by the distribution of Grocery, Blankets. Also encourage to up skill them to earn a livelihood.


At Worthpurpose Foundation we believe that health & socio-economic development are so closely interconnected that it is impossible to achieve one without the other. We are extending support to initiatives that are working in the same direction. Our team aims to works at different levels: areas of preventive, remedial, and rehabilitative health care for needy peoples and slum children.


Education is one of the most effective agents of change in society. When a child can go to school today, he or she sets off a cycle of positive change. But, despite the Right to Education (RTE) Act coming into force in 2010, access to education for every child remains a huge concern in the country. Thousands of children in India lack access to education and can’t even write their own names. Worthpurpose foundation aims to work at the grassroots level to make sure that children do not have to face these barriers and can enjoy a future full of opportunities because of the quality education they receive today.